Radio Sponsorship

Radio Sponsorship

Radio Sponsorship

Radio sponsorships offer the chance to utilise low entry cost per credit.

Typical radio sponsorships are traffic and travel, weather, sport, drivetime and breakfast etc.

Usually the cost of the production of the sponsorship tags is included in the monthly cost, usually booking for a 13 week minimum period.

Several straplines can be rotated on occasions with the bigger frequency sponsorships giving the advertiser the chance to promote different areas of their business or service.

You can take advantage of the fact that you are able also to plot your references on specific days.

Most stations will limit the content of the sponsorship strapline to a number of words or particular style of message favouring a non-sales type of message.

The Broadcast Authority did until a few years ago insist in fact that this was the case. This restriction has been lifted for some time now so dependent on the station ON Advertising are often able to negotiate the inclusion of a harder selling message.

However if an aggressive call to action is required then commercial airtime should be used where the restrictions on content are less and provided the offer/message is decent honest and legal then it should be OK to run. New campaign creative has to be passed for broadcast by the copy clearance centre. .. We’ll take care of this process for you.

Often sponsorship is a great way of providing a ‘base of awareness’ on top of which many advertisers add commercial airtime with a strong selling message.